Want an RV that's perfect for family vacations and reunions, cross-country trips, adventurous weekends, festivals, and more? Consider the value, comfort, and efficiency of A travel trailer.

As you consider purchasing an RV, one thing you'll need to think about is financing your RV. The first thing to ask is, "Should is finance my RV?" This is a question that, ultimately, only you can answer. But here are some items to look at:

Why Finance Your RV?

Financing offers flexible payment options so that you can afford the RV you want to buy. In addition, financing your RV may allow you to qualify for some of the same benefits as a second home mortgage.

Financing through an RV Dealership

When you finance through an RV dealership, like RV Wholesale Superstore, you realize two main advantages:

One, down payments are lower when compared to financing through another institution. Of course, final terms depend upon your credit score as well as the age, type, and price of the RV you've purchased.

Two, dealerships offer longer finance terms / monthly payments, on average, than other financial institutions.

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Freedom to Pre-Qualify

No Credit Score Impact

Pre-Qualify No SSN Required

If your Road to Adventure requires RV Financing, we invite you to exercise your Freedom to Pre-Qualify without impacting your score. We can pull credit reports without a Social Security Number and without submitting a hard inquiry. This process does not require your date of birth or your employer’s information either!


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